If you are an advanced user and know what NAS (Network Attached Storage) is – here are good news for you: Pocketshare is a full featured NAS server. It runs Samba, FTP and WebDAV servers simultaneously!

  • Pocketshare is foolproof: no other software required – access your wireless flash drive with Finder or Windows Expolorer. Zero configuration required – your new wireless flash drive is dead easy to use.
  • Pocketshare is fast: blazing fast wireless file transfer over WiFi
  • Pocketshare is secure: no servers involved – your files are stored only on your Android device. Activate user authentication for even more security.

The premium version (available as in-app purchase) offers the following additional features:

  • Free choice of the share folder. E.g. external SD-Card
  • User authentication security (username / password)
  • Send files to other Pocketshare users in your local network (coming soon!)


The Pocketshare community is for users who want actively participate in the development of the Pocketshare app by providing feedback and testing the beta versions.