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10.000 Downloads Celebration Sale

10.000 Downloads Celebration Sale


Wi-Fi file transfer using QR codes

The integrated Wi-Fi Direct file transfer is a very handy feature, but it is a little bit cumbersome to use:...


Hey, Linux users, Pocketshare loves you!

Pocketshare works very well with Linux, just make sure, that Avahi is installed and running. Then you should see this after starting...


Wi-Fi file transfer is available

With the new version of Pocketshare (available today) you can share files with nearby Pocketshare users. With the free version you...


Wi-Fi Direct announcement

Pocketshare is very handy for sharing files between different computers, but other Android phones were left out in the cold. This...


App marketing strategies comparison

Just to give you an idea about the impact of different marketing strategies: AdWords Pro: No-brainer: activate and show your money blowing...


How to share your scans with Pocketshare

Scanbot and Pocketshare is a dream team for scanning and sharing documents in local network. Once configured, Scanbot automatically uploads all...


How to share files from android apps in your local network

Did you know, that Pocketshare makes it easy to share files from other Android apps in your local network. Just...